Venus Restorative Health and Wellness Center | Houston, TX


Venus Restorative Health and Wellness Center is an upscale integrative medicine and wellness practice with a premier location in Bellaire, TX. Treating patients throughout the Greater Houston area, our office offers a range of advanced services to improve sexual wellness, hormonal balance, and total health. Our modern facility, led by board-certified gynecologist and obstetrician Dr. Marcel Thompson, has ample private, off-street parking that's easily accessible to our patients, as well as a complimentary beverage station where individuals can help themselves to tea and coffee during their short wait.

When you first arrive at our office, we encourage you to make yourself feel at home. Our waiting room features ample seating with comfortable couches and chairs spread neatly throughout. Once Dr. Thompson is ready to meet with you, you will be led to one of our private, clean treatment rooms. During your consultation, Dr. Thompson will ask about your specific goals and craft a customized treatment plan to address your needs. Our team values your comfort and confidentiality above all else, and we strive to create an open and familiar environment where patients can feel at ease opening up about their deepest concerns. We are now accepting SATURDAY APPOINTMENTS.

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