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What is an Oh!-Mazing Shot?

At Venus Restorative Health and Wellness Center, our highly experienced team provides a range of services to help women of varying ages improve their intimate wellness. Of these personalized treatments, one of the most versatile performed at our Bellaire, TX office is the Oh!-Mazing Shot. This highly individualized treatment utilizes the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) derived from the patient's own blood to improve sexual health and address issues, such as anti-aging. The patient's PRP is used to create an injection that is strategically placed to provide relief from uncomfortable intercourse, improve vaginal lubrication, and stimulate the body's ability to regenerate new and healthy tissue.

Women often notice immediate results following their Oh!-Mazing Shot treatment, and the results only improve over time as the atrophied vaginal tissues are strengthened and function is improved. If you would like to learn more about this procedure and become one of the many women who have experienced wonderful lifestyle improvements with the help of the Oh!-Mazing Shot, contact our practice. Our team provides countless wellness services to patients all throughout Houston, TX.

Do I qualify for the Oh!-Mazing Shot?

Individuals who are currently pregnant, breastfeeding, or fighting any kind of infection cannot be considered for the Oh!-Mazing Shot. If you have a feminine health concern that is currently being treated by your general physician or is classified as an infection, it's better to wait until the issue has subdued and you are well. Because the PRP is derived from your own blood, adverse reactions to the Oh!-Mazing Shot are very rare. At your private consultation, Dr. Thompson will speak to you one-on-one to fully understand your concerns and goals and develop a personalized treatment plan to address them. If there is something preventing you from being an ideal candidate for the Oh!-Mazing Shot, we will go over your alternatives and thoroughly explain each potential solution.

The Oh!-Mazing Shot Injection Technique

Throughout your session, you will relax and recline back on a comfortable examination table in one of our private treatment rooms as we get you ready for your injections. A member of our team will take blood from your arm to extract the platelet-rich plasma. If requested, a numbing cream or topical anesthetic may be applied to the treatment area to enhance your comfort during the procedure. From there, the PRP from your blood will be separated via our highly advanced centrifuge machine, which isolates the necessary growth factors. We will then perform the Oh!-Mazing Shot by injecting your custom-made injectable in the upper vagina and clitoris. Once this is complete, you will be released to go home and allowed to resume your normal activities.

After Your Injection

Following your treatment, individuals may notice some sensitivity on or around the injection areas. However, patients will have no restrictions following their Oh!-Mazing Shot session. Patients are often allowed to return to work and go about their day as they normally would. There is no designated period of time that one must wait before engaging in sexual intercourse. For those who would like to have further treatments in the future, women are eligible to receive the Oh!-Mazing Shot eight weeks after their last session. Many women choose to have periodic treatments over time to further enhance the improvements to their vaginal area and sexual wellness.

Ask us about the O-shot

We encourage any patient interested in the Oh!-Mazing Shot to reach out to a member of our helpful team. Our team has many years of experience in women's health and is highly trained to restore intimate wellness and improve on a range of sexual health concerns. If you're looking for a natural and effective solution to enhance your life, contact Venus Restorative Health and Wellness Center where we proudly treat women with many diverse and unique goals throughout Houston, TX.

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