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what is miraDry?

Having sweaty underarms is normal while working out or when you're nervous, but an excessive production of sweat that stains your clothes and leads to embarrassing, unpleasant odors is characterized as a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. At Venus Restorative Health and Wellness Center, we offer treatment for hyperhidrosis utilizing the safe and effective miraDry system, which is known to produce lasting results. miraDry from Miramar Labs is a treatment that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to efficiently address and eradicate sweat and odor glands from the armpit region. Humans have about two million sweat glands spread throughout their body with only 2% located in the underarms, making them safe for removal.

Many individuals throughout the Greater Houston area have been able to enjoy an active, more carefree lifestyle, thanks to the outcomes of miraDry treatments. Reach out to our office in Bellaire, TX to speak with a member of our team and find out why we recommend this solution above others to relieve patients of unwanted deodorant streaks, wet marks, stickiness, and strong underarm odors.


miraDry treatments could benefit anybody wanting to control and reduce the sweat and odor that forms from the underarms. This procedure could be a wonderful option for those who:

  • Want to feel fresher and cleaner
  • Hope to avoid the harsh chemicals and toxins present in most deodorants
  • Regularly have to deal with unwanted stains in the underarm area of their clothes
  • Are embarrassed by the odor that comes from their armpits
  • Have persistent issues with excessive underarm sweat


At the beginning of your session, the treatment area will be marked, cleansed, and numbed with a topical anesthetic to increase your ease and comfort throughout the appointment. Once you're ready, the miraDry device will be passed over the skin. A light suction will be employed to bring the sweat glands closer to the skin's surface. When this is done, the miraWave heat energy will target the sweat and odor glands. You should not experience any discomfort because your skin will be kept cool by the device, and the treatment area will have been sufficiently numbed by the topical cream. The majority of miraDry treatments performed at our Houston, TX office last around an hour. During your appointment, you will be able to relax comfortably. Our private rooms have large screen TVs so you can enjoy your favorite program throughout your session.


Following your treatment session, your underarm area could experience temporary swelling, soreness, numbness, or tingling that persists for a couple of days. Even with these minor side effects, you will immediately notice a reduction in underarm sweat after your procedure. Since sweat glands cannot return once removed, your results will be long-term. To achieve your most ideal outcome, we often recommend receiving two treatments spaced about three months apart. Patients are able to return to their usual activities after their appointment with the only restriction being to cease strenuous activity (like exercise) for a few days.


With quick, minimally invasive miraDry treatments, you can stop worrying about unwanted underarm sweat and odor. This premium service offered at Venus Restorative Health and Wellness Center has allowed a large number of patients throughout Houston, TX to feel fresher and look confident, whether they're nervous, working out, or doing other activities. miraDry treatments can also save your clothes from sweat stains and deodorant marks, as well as spare your skin from the toxins and chemicals that comprise most antiperspirant formulas. Get in touch with our team to learn more about miraDry and the excellent results you can expect.

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