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What is IV Vitamin Therapy?

At Venus Restorative Health and Wellness Center, our team of experienced professionals provide intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy and vitamin injections for the health of our Bellaire, TX patients. There are multiple benefits to vitamin therapy, including improved energy, better sleep cycles, and improved immune health. The entire treatment process only takes about one hour for you to feel overall healthier and to nourish your body. IV therapy may also be beneficial in recovery from surgery or sickness, for post-cancer patients, or as a treatment for specific nutritional deficiencies. Additional benefits could include improved skin, hair, and nails. Learn more about the various IV vitamin therapies and injections we offer at our state-of-the-art facility by scheduling your initial consultation.

Who is a good Candidate for IV Therapy?

Various factors could make a patient an ideal candidate for IV therapy or vitamin injection, including if they have:

  • Issues with a nutritional deficiency that could be the result of a health condition or poor nutrition 
  • A weakened or jeopardized immune system
  • A desire to supplement a new diet with specific vitamins and minerals to assist in their health
  • Dull, dehydrated skin
  • Changes in mood or sleep patterns that they want to correct
  • A chronic illness, are recovering from surgery, or are being treated for cancer

What to expect 

At our Bellaire, TX facility, we curate your IV therapy to your specific needs. Not all patients will receive the same mixture of vitamins, and different vitamins could be included in separate treatments. The entire process only takes around one hour for IV therapy, and vitamin injections take about ten minutes. You will remain comfortable in one of our spacious treatment rooms throughout the treatment and will be able to return home immediately after. Most patients will begin to notice the effects of the treatment right away and follow-up treatments can be scheduled in order to maintain your results. 

Amplify Your Health

IV nutrient therapy and vitamin injections are a great way to improve and maintain your health. Our Bellaire, TX team will work with you to curate a treatment plan that best meets your health needs and goals to ensure you achieve the best possible results. Contact Venus Restorative Health and Wellness Center to learn more and to schedule your initial consultation at our facility. 

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