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Throughout the natural aging process, hormone levels can fluctuate or become abnormal. Although this is natural and occurs in most people, especially in women who are pre- or post-menopausal, imbalanced hormones can prevent patients from feeling their best and enjoying their lives to the fullest. In fact, having balanced hormones have a greater role in a person's total health than they might realize. Our team is pleased to offer patients throughout Houston, TX effective bioidentical hormone therapy that's fully customized to address each man and woman's unique needs. At Venus Restorative Health and Wellness Center, our team utilize an evidence-based medicinal approach and integrative methods to help men and women achieve better overall health.

With the help of compounding pharmacies, bioidentical hormone therapy aims to improve a patient's energy, vitality, and general wellness. At our facility, we can improve estrogen levels in pre- and post-menopausal women. We can also address men's testosterone levels and growth hormone deficiencies. Get in touch with our office in Bellaire, TX to learn how our personalized approach to hormone treatment can enhance your total health.


To determine if you're a candidate for bioidentical hormone therapy, a member of our team will run a comprehensive series of blood tests to accurately assess your hormone levels. We will also ask about any symptoms you may be experiencing to fully understand your concerns. The signs of a hormone imbalance can differ between men and women.

The more typical signs of abnormal hormone levels in men include:

  • depression
  • weight gain or gynecomastia (excess development of male breast tissue)
  • decreased facial and body hair
  • fatigue
  • erectile dysfunction
  • reduced sexual performance
  • decreased strength and muscle mass
  • decreased libido
  • low stamina

Meanwhile, the more common signs of imbalanced hormone levels in women include:

  • headaches
  • migraines
  • weight gain
  • decreased libido
  • intense cramping or heavy bleeding during menstruation
  • lack of energy
  • vaginal dryness or painful sex
  • insomnia
  • mood swings or depression


During a private consultation, we will discuss all of your symptoms and what you would like to get out of your bioidentical hormone treatment. Before any decisions are finalized, we will also run a complete series of blood tests so that we can have an accurate measure of your hormone levels and discover any imbalances or abnormalities. From there, we will craft a personalized treatment plan to target these concerns. Your information will be sent to a compounding pharmacy where your fully customized hormone therapy supplements will be crafted to address your unique needs and improve your overall health.


After your treatment plan has been crafted, you will go to the pharmacy to pick up your customized prescription. You will need to take your bioidentical hormone supplements as directed. Over time, you should start to notice the benefits of your bioidentical hormone treatment as your symptoms reduce and you begin to feel healthier overall. After some time, you will return to our office so we can ensure that your personalized treatment is working as intended and that your symptoms are improving. Your unique prescriptions can be adjusted as needed to further enhance your outcomes and make sure that you're getting the most out of your therapy.


Hormone imbalances, which can be brought on by age and other lifestyle factors, are known to frequently worsen a patient's physical and sexual health, regardless of their gender. If your life has been negatively impacted by symptoms that make daily functioning more difficult (such as fatigue, poor memory, weight gain, pain, and lack of energy), it's important to seek out guidance as soon as you can. Restore your enjoyment from life and total wellness by getting in touch with Venus Restorative Health and Wellness Center. At our Houston, TX practice, we offer fully customized bioidentical hormone treatment plans to suit the unique needs of male and female patients alike.

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